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The m4x project aims to create a XML processor that takes XML files and generates output based on user defined rules.

Out of bussiness

The m4x project is officially dead. I basically lost my interest on it as there are other open source initiatives which have similar functionality (try XMLSOFTWARE).

I am making the last source snapshot available with the hope it may be useful to someone. I find that the parser stuff is quite interesting. I'm no parsing expert but I've not seen that approach anywhere else, so it might be a good reading in a cloudy afternoon. ;)

Homepage updated!

I finally have time to dedicate to m4x. The development should go faster until August, when I'll have to return studying... (Not so) bad news: I re-re-restarted the m4x project, so it's actually at planning phase now. Good news: the planning phase is going steady and hopefuly the implementation will soon start.

You may check how planning is going by viewing the m4x Internals at the document section.

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